How Does This Work?

Outsource Counsel provides in-house legal services on demand. If you don’t have in-house counsel, and you have a customer who is asking for extensive changes to your standard contract provisions, Outsource Counsel can review their requests. Then Outsource Counsel can work with you and the customer to redline the contract, negotiate the terms with counsel for the customer, and finalize the agreement so that the contract works for both sides.

If you are a small technology start up and you need help drafting a contract template, Outsource Counsel can put together a basic suite of contract templates for your team to work with (and can help you with negotiations with larger clients who require you to work off of their contract templates).

If you are in-house counsel for a company and you are stretched too thin to be able to review and negotiate your technology vendor contracts, Outsource Counsel can take that off your plate. Outsource Counsel will work directly with your business team to negotiate the terms, and keep you in the loop so that you know about any showstopper issues that may arise.

In short, Outsource Counsel can make your contract negotiations process easier, cheaper, and faster.

If you’d prefer, your Outsource Counsel attorney can have an in-house phone number and email address, so that he or she is truly integrated into your business team, and can work with your team on a regular basis, functioning as a true in-house counsel. Or we can just supply ad-hoc legal services as needed, during your busiest times of year, for particularly complex deals, or if you just need some legal questions answered quickly and correctly. We can work remotely or onsite, depending on client preference.