As COO/CFO of a 70-person small business operating in the Cloud Consulting and Software Delivery field, I worked closely with Jenn and she was an extremely strong partner to our team. She was instrumental in providing real-time response and feedback to our company when client contract negotiations were often at their most critical points. Jenn could counsel us on several approaches, which enabled our team to make risk-based decisions while competing for new client work.

Her skill balances protecting the assets and interests of the company with an understanding of the commission-based sales strategy needed to acquire new work/revenue. These negotiations often required Jenn to wear several hats. She was able to offer our Sales team simple explanations of complex legal contract issues in a language that allowed them to clearly see the extent to which we had room to negotiate these terms with our clients. She also offered our clients a clear understanding on why certain legal terms were less open for negotiation, while balancing such a position with our desire to be awarded the work from these clients.

My favorite part about working with Jenn was her willingness to engage directly with a client's legal team to bring negotiations of terms to quick and reasonable agreement. Lastly, Jenn offered impeccable integrity coupled with an approachable demeanor that made our team want to take the extra step to reach out to her for guidance. Because of this, Jenn's partnership protected our company from undue financial and reputation risk while enabling our desired sales outcomes.

– Jason Sutton, COO/CFO of 70-employee business

Jenn has a great ability to remotely build relationships with our internal business stakeholders and guide our business partners without involving internal counsel on every legal call to discuss a pending contract. She is responsive and turns contracts around quickly. She also has the ability to identify business issues versus legal issues, to advise the business stakeholder on risk decisions, and to make recommendations on the legal and business issues while taking a business-friendly approach to redlining vendor agreements (she never over-lawyers it). Her expertise in IT agreements has been a real asset for our company and has freed up our in-house counsel to deal with other issues. Jenn is also extremely personable and able to communicate easily and work well with vendors, lawyers, internal business stakeholders and support staff.

– Anna Inch, Senior Director Legal and Compliance, Carhartt