Outsource Counsel

Attorneys specializing in the drafting and negotiation of Commercial and Technology Contracts

The software and technology market is changing. Software companies and vendors are looking for someone to serve the role of in-house counsel, without adding a full time employee and without the price tag that comes with a large law firm. Small and medium-sized businesses are looking to better understand the risks that come with their software and technology contracts and vendors. Both sides are trying to quickly negotiate technology and software contracts that avoid unnecessary risks and common pitfalls.

At Outsource Counsel, we know how to negotiate these contracts. For vendors, we understand that success in the tech industry often means taking chances, while balancing the risks and rewards associated with a particular deal, and we want you to go into your agreements with your eyes open. For purchasers, we will help you understand the risks in any new or existing terms of service, so you can make an informed decision on software purchases, SaaS Subscriptions, and other technology contracts. For both sides, we know not to waste your time trying to wring every last drop of risk out of a contract, but will give you the information you need to make sure you avoid show-stopper contract terms that you can’t live with.

Both vendors and companies procuring technology contracts need legal counsel with the experience to help them make the right calls when negotiating the terms of the contract. At Outsource Counsel, we can provide your business with tech-savvy legal consultation just for tech and software contract procurement, or serve as your corporate counsel if you’re a vendor in the tech industry. With years of experience negotiating the ever-changing landscape of technology contracts for growing software companies, we have the knowledge, experience, and agility to keep up with your company's growing needs.

If you run a software company or SaaS vendor and are looking for an experienced attorney to serve as your business lawyer and consultant, or to add to an existing team, or if you are in-house counsel, a director or executive of a business hoping to better understand, negotiate, and manage the risks associated with the procurement of technology and SaaS contracts, we're here for you. Contact Outsource Counsel today to get experienced attorneys with a business focused approach to contract negotiations on your side.