Software, Technology, and Consulting Services Vendors

Attorneys for Technology Vendors

Software and technology companies, resellers, and startups face a variety of challenges, and need the services of an attorney who knows their industry and knows how to help them quickly resolve any legal issues that may be standing in the way of a pending deal. But these companies often aren't yet ready to bring on full-time in-house counsel, or they have in-house counsel who are already stretched thin dealing with other pressing business issues. Sending contract negotiations work out to a traditional law firm is too time consuming and expensive, and outside lawyers often lack the understanding of the key factors that drive the business decisions, and the need for flexibility in contract negotiations. These companies need access to an attorney who knows the industry, can give them the personalized service they need, and can hit the ground running in resolving the legal issues that crop up when negotiating contracts for the sale or licensing of software and related services.

Startup Legal Services Get Tech Companies On The Right Track

Many software and technology companies begin with a great product, but they may not have the knowledge or experience to address the legal issues that crop up while trying to launch their business. While trying to launch their product and grow their business, they also need to put together a template for their sales contracts, know what to look for in their own contract negotiations with their vendors, and know what issues to focus on when negotiating contracts with their customers. Having a skilled attorney with experience in negotiating SaaS and other technology contracts on call from day one will help get your startup started on the right track. At Outsource Counsel, we can help startup technology vendors create contract templates and terms of service that are customer friendly, while still helping to limit exposure and manage risk for your company. And if your larger clients are requiring that you use their contract templates, we can help you and your sales team evaluate and negotiate the pain points in their contract forms, while still moving the deal forward quickly.

Understanding the Industry

The tech industry moves quickly, constantly innovating with new products and new ways to do business. Jenn Hastings understands how to make your contracts clear, concise, easy to understand, and customer-friendly enough to minimize negotiations. Whether you sell your software out of the box, or customize it for each user, we can help you take control in an ever-changing market.

Targeted Services for Tech Companies and SaaS Vendors

When startups and entrepreneurs are negotiating a technology or SaaS contract, they are often willing to accept a certain amount of risk. But unless your attorneys have worked in-house within the tech industry, and know the priorities of the sales side of your business, they may not understand that mindset. You may end up paying for your attorneys' peace of mind, at the cost of your bottom line. We have experience both in-house and in court working with SaaS vendors and software development companies. We understand the market and the tech industry, and can give you targeted legal services that will help your company to manage its sales contracts, close deals quickly, and avoid the "show stopper" provisions that carry too much risk.

Outsourced In-House Counsel for Smaller Tech Companies

Many SaaS vendors keep their teams small and their processes agile. They don't want to be bogged down with unnecessary overhead costs. Some even choose to work entirely virtually, eliminating the need for a brick-and-mortar office entirely. Cutting costs doesn't have to leave you without ready legal advice. We can provide responsive tech-industry-specific legal counsel, without adding to your overhead the way full-time in-house counsel or a large law firm might. We are there when you need us, ready to provide advice, review contracts, and resolve problems, without being in the way when it's time get down to work. And with sales and other team members often spread across the country, we are flexible and adaptable enough to negotiate a contract that might include a customer in Japan, a sales person in California, and a tech company based in Chicago.

At Outsource Counsel, we strike the perfect balance between providing the legal help you need and meeting the business needs of the team by resolving issues quickly and staying within budget. If you run a technology or SaaS based company, and your needs aren't being met by traditional law firms or in-house counsel, you should be looking at Outsource Counsel to manage the legal aspects of your contract negotiations, technology and software sales. Contact Outsource Counsel to get an experienced software and technology attorney on your team today.